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Jonny Coller (rock/pop/country) at Legends SUN, SEP 26 AT 4 PM

September 26, 2021 04:00 PM until September 26, 2021 07:00 PM

Jonny Coller plays acoustic folk and outlaw country music with a classic, bluesy voice and natural feel developed out of the good black dirt of Illinois.

Hailing from the heart of Amish country where things are still earned by the sweat of your brow, Jonny has gained a reputation as a singer and songwriter heavily steeped in the country singers we all love and know by their first name, like Willie, Waylon, Merle, and Hank.

On his new EP, Chapters, Jonny sings about love, vice, and the things we just can't get enough of. Armed with his guitar and a looper pedal, Jonny's solos bring out his love of blues and rock 'n' roll while staying true to his folky roots. It's as if these songs were cooked in an old skillet over an open fire after marinating in classic country and served with a side of Stones and jam.

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